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March 29, 2005



The probable reason that it is illegal, is because the Cultural dept should listen to every track for offensive basslines and its too much hassle.

The longer A than B on cassettes is probably to ensure that there actually is something on the tape of at least 18 minutes duration.


Hey Jerry,

Actually, it's funny that you just came accross this rule about vinyl. Getting a visa recently, I read the info or maybe it was an addendum and it listed the law about vinyl. I can't remember if it had to do with importing or exporting vinyl though. I remember thinking that it sucks, cause if I find any old records, I couldn't take them out of China with me!


according to the USPS website country info for china, shipping vinyl to china is illegal only if it is harmful to china:

"Manuscripts, printed matter, photographic negatives, gramophone records, films, magnetic tapes, video tapes, etc., which could do political, economical, cultural, or moral harm to the People's Republic of China."

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